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Getting Involved

Since inception, VTD-XML project team has received numerous valuable inputs from open source developers. Below is a partial list of people that have provided suggestions to the project.

  • James Lee  for parsing performance tuning input

  • Derek Modarski  for XPath performance tuning and CRUD

  • Lance Lavandowska 

  • James Player  for C parsing bug reporting/fixing

  • Mark Wonsil

  • Tatu Saloranta 

  • Michael Wohlwend

  • Scooter Willis

  • Shuangqin Zhang

  • Chao Qian

  • S.L. Harrington

  • Thorsten Liebig  For helping with independent performance benchmark

  • Tony Yin

  • Angel Figueroa

  • John Kraal  for suggesting Linux distributing

  • Mark Swanson

  • Frank Walinski

  • Olusola Fadero

  • Rodrigo Cunha for suggesting/implementing BookMark

  • Roger Martin

  • Giuseppe Corsaro for help implementing XPath functions

  • Paul Tomsic

  • Max Rahder  for VTD exception refactoring

  • Duane May   for suggesting/designing extended VTD-xml

  • Jon Roberts   for bug fixes

  • John Zhu   for reporting bugs

Like the concept of VTD-XML? Have a good idea extending it? Let us know.

Sub-Project: GeoXPath

This module focuses on extending XPath implementation to support geospatial operations on GML. The essential approach is appending some geometry types and geospatial operators, and the definitions of them will refer to relative OGC  specifications, such as GML, SFS, etc.

Operators to be implemented fall into the following three categories:

  • Basic geospatial operators, such as dimension, geometrytype, srid, envelope, astext, asbinary;

  • Geospatial relationship predicates, such as equals, disjoint, intersects, touches, crosses, within, contains, overlap;

  • Geospatial analysis operators, such as distance, buffer, convexhull, intersection, union, difference, symdifference.

These operators are conforming to OGC SFS specification.

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