11/30/2015:  VTD-XML 2.12   released

10/9/2015:  VTD-XML source repository is now available on Github 

11/12/2014: A few reported issues of vtd-xml documentation corrected.

09/05/2012: VTD-XML 2.11  released.

02/24/2011: VTD-XML 2.10  released.

08/10/2010: VTD-XML 2.9  released.

04/12/2010: VTD-XML 2.8  released.

10/2/2009: VTD-XML 2.7  released.

8/5/2009: VTD-XML blog relauched.

7/15/2009: VTD-XML 2.6 released.

2/15/2009: VTD-XML 2.5 released.

11/12/2008: Updated VTD+XML spec to allow loading and storing from/to separate VTD index and XMLdocument.

10/20/2008: Extended VTD-XML (supporting 256 GB max file size) in Java is now released...

4/2/2008: VTD-XML Version 2.4 is now released...

3/21/2008: New Article “VTD-XML: XML Processing for the future (Part II)” published on CodeProject

2/29/2008: The latest benchmark results of VTD-XML parsing, indexing, Xpath and Update are now posted.

2/22/2008: VTD-XML Version 2.3 is now released.

2/16/2008: New Article “VTD-XML: XML Processing for the future (Part I)” published on CodeProject

1/9/2008: New Article “Manipulate XML Content the Ximple Way” Published on DevX.

11/29/2007 The new VTD-XML tutorial in C is posted as a separate download .

11/01/2007 “ Index XML documents with VTD-XML” is published on XML Journal .

10/21/2007 VTD-XML 2.2 is released.

10/2/2007 The code sample section has been expanded significantly to include more examples covering overwrite, indexing and incremental update.

9/10/2007 OnJava article “Schemaless databinding using VTD-XML” published

8/23/2007: W3C XML Security Workshop Position paper

6/16/2007: Version 2.1 of VTD-XML is released.

4/16/2007: A blog for VTD-XML is now opened at

3/20/2007: "Improve XPath efficiency with VTD-XML" on DevX .

2/24/2007: All the benchmark reports have been updated for version 2.0 of VTD-XML.

2/20/2007: Version 2.0 of VTD-XML now released. This version introduces world's first native XML indexing.

2/19/2007: VTD+XML version 1.0 is now final.

1/11/2007: "Accelerate WSS applications with VTD-XML" published in Javaworld.

1/4/2007: Latest XPath performance benchmark released.

12/18/2006: Check out the updated version of "vtd-xml_intro.ppt" and "vtd-xml_intro.pdf" in " articles and presentations page."

12/10/2006: VTD-XML version 1.9 is now released. It contains the latest benchmark code used for the benchmark report.

12/3/2006: Latest performance numbers comparing VTD-XML and Xerces 2.7.1 is released.

11/21/2006: VTD-XML version 1.8, in C, C# and Java is released.

10/27/2006: The Linux/Unix distribution of the C version of VTD-XML is now available for download, thanks to John Kraal.

10/15/2006: VTD-XML version 1.7 is released, available in Java, C and C#  and with both full feature version and light version.

8/20/2006: The presentation entitled "VTD-XML introduction and API overview" now available in "articles and presentations."

8/07/2006: The updated "VTD+XML" spec is now online..

8/06/2006: The "arcticles and presentions" section has been updated to include some of the latest articles.

7/31/2006: "The Performance Woe of binary XML" is published on SOA journal.

7/24/2006: "Cut, Paste, Split and Assemble XML documents with VTD-XML" is published on JavaWorld.

5/21/2006: The initial  draft spec of VTD+XML, the natural index based on VTD, is now released.

4/29/2006Light versions of VTD-XML 1.6 in C, C# and Java are released. XPath support is stripped off to reduce code sizes, making them fit better with embedded/mobile devices.

4/24/2006VTD-XML version 1.6 released, a C# port is now available complete with built-in XPath support.

3/27/2006JavaWorld's new article "Simplify XML processing with VTD-XML."

2/10/2006Version 1.5 of VTD-XML released.

2/7/2006Devx publishes a new article "Process Large XML Files with VTD-XML."

1/16/2006The latest performance and memory benchmark report is released.

1/1/2006Happy new year! The project Web site has been revamped, with the updates to various sections in FAQ, User's Guide, Developer's Guide, and new sections such as code samples and Articles and presentations.

12/10/2005Due to popular demand,  the original java demo for the basic concept of VTD-XML is put back.

10/2/2005Version 1.0 of VTD-XML, in both Java and C, are released under GPL.

8/27/2005A new Java applet demonstrating the upcoming XPath functionality is posted.

6/20/2005Version 0.9 of VTD-XML in C is released. It contains the same enhancement as in Java. In terms of performance, VTD-XML significantly outperforms Expat with NULL content handler, delivering 40~50 MB/sec on a 1.7Ghz Pentium M processor.

6/14/2005Version 0.9 of VTD-XML in Java is released, containing performance enhancement and mixed content support. The most significant performance improvement is for small files. The VTD parser processes a typical 10k file (complicated-structured) under 0.3ms, a 30k file under 0.9ms on a 1.5Ghz Athlon processor.

5/10/2005Read "Process XML on a chip" on EEtimes

4/28/2005Read "Improve XML processing with VTD-XML" on Intel Developer Services.

3/18/2005Read "Process SOAP with VTD-XML" on XML/Web services Journal

3/9/2005Read "XML on a chip" about the hardware implications of VTD-XML

12/20/2004Version 0.8 of VTD-XML is released, containing performance enhancement and bug fixes. Also a preview version of C implementation of VTD-XML is also released.

11/20/2004Version 0.7 of VTD-XML is released. This version includes major performance enhancements and bug fixes.

10/20/2004: A article entitled "better, faster XML processing with VTD-XML" is published on

9/29/2004:    Developer's Guide added. It explains the internals of VTD-XML, i.e., LC and VTD.

9/24/2004:    Updated User's Guide with Token Type Table.

8/18/2004:    Comparison with DOM, SAX and Pull added to Users' Guide.

8/16/2004:    Original content of developer's guide has been moved to "VTD: A technical perspective," New Developer's guide will be easier to understand.

8/2/2004:    New and improved API Doc posted.

7/22/2004:    Developer's Guide added to the VTD-XML project home page.

6/28/2004:   VTD-XML version 0.5 released.

6/19/2004:   Source only version of VTD-XML 0.5 released.