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 XimpleWare's VTD-XML is, far and away, the industry's most advanced and powerful XML processing model  for SOA and Cloud Computing! It is simultaneously:
  • The world's most memory-efficient (1.3x~1.5x the size of an XML document) random-access XML parser.
  • The world's fastest XML parser: On a Core2 2.5Ghz Desktop, VTD-XML outperforms DOM parsers by 5x~12x, delivering 150~250 MB/sec per core sustained throughput.
  • The world's fastest XPath 1.0 implementation.
  • The world's most efficient XML indexer that seamlessly integrates with your XML applications.
  • The world's only incremental-update capable XML parser capable of cutting, pasting, splitting and assembling XML documents with max efficiency.
  • The world's only XML parser that allows you to use XPath to process 256 GB XML documents.
  • The XML technology that they don't want you to know about.
  The latest version is 2.12, available in C, C++, C# and Java, and can be downloaded here.
  VTD-XML can be viewed a suite of innovative XML processing technologies centered around a non-extractive XML parsing technique called Virtual Token Descriptor (VTD). Depending on the perspective, VTD-XML can be viewed as one of the following:
  A good starting point to understand how VTD-XML works is to view the demo. You can also visit VTD-XML blog for more code samples and related information.
  All licenses to any parties in litigation with XimpleWare have been expressly terminated. No new license, and no renewal of any revoked license, is granted to those parties as a result of re-downloading software from this or any other website
  If you have any questions on VTD-XML, please join our discussion.


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